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We can offer you very compititive prices for all the products by SPEEDAIRE. All the products are being shipped directly from USA to your address. Certificate of origin issued by the brand's owner ( Grainger ) will be attached to each shipment.


We have 5011 SPEEDAIRE products listed in our website as you can see here:


To search for a specific part number, please use the search icon on right top corner as you can see here:




The best way is to use one word only like the part number ( for example: 1EJT5 , 1EJT6, 1EJT7, 1EJT8, 1EJT9 , 1EJU1, ....etc. ).

For any reason, if you think our price is not competitive or you can not find the product you need, please contact us by email. Our email is sales@dcc-hk.com .


We can supply you these products with very competitive prices:

SPEEDAIRE 30E657             Coupler Plug,(M)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 4ZM08              Air Regulator,1/4 In. NPT,15 cfm,300 psi
SPEEDAIRE 1A326              Muffler, Exhaust,1/4" NPT, 9/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 30E685             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 22YK67             Air Gun Nozzle,1/8 MNPT In,Rubber/Brass
SPEEDAIRE 30E670             Coupler Plug,Hose Barb,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E692             Coupler Body,(M)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E664             Coupler Plug,(F)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 22YK50             Air Gun,Thumb,Chrome,Rubber
SPEEDAIRE 1A325              Muffler, Exhaust,1/8" NPT, 7/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 30E703             Coupler Plug,(M)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 4ZK75              Filter/Regulator,6.44 In. H,1.63 In. W
SPEEDAIRE 30E696             Coupler Plug,(F)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 4ZK13              Nut,Panel Mount
SPEEDAIRE 30E663             Coupler Plug,(F)NPT,1/2,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 1VEH7              Coiled Air Hose,1/4 In ID x 12 Ft,Nylon
SPEEDAIRE 30E705             Coupler Plug,(M)NPT,3/8,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E707             Coupler Plug,(M)NPT,1/4,Brass
SPEEDAIRE 1EJT6              Breather Vent,1/4" NPT, 9/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 30E709             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,1/4,Brass
SPEEDAIRE 30E698             Coupler Body,Hose Barb,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 1EJT7              Breather Vent,3/8" NPT, 11/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 30E687             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 1EJT5              Breather Vent,1/8" NPT, 7/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 22YK46             Air Gun,Thumb,Chrome,Standard
SPEEDAIRE 5Z331              Multipurpose Air Hose,1/2 In.,50 ft. L
SPEEDAIRE 4ZK76              Filter/Regulator,6.44 In. H,1.63 In. W
SPEEDAIRE 6ZC63              Dryer,Air Filter,Pk2
SPEEDAIRE 30E674             Coupler Plug,Push On,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E669             Coupler Plug,Hose Barb,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 1A327              Muffler, Exhaust,3/8" NPT, 11/16" dia.
SPEEDAIRE 22YK83             Chip Shield,Plastic,1/4 Inlet,4 In Dia
SPEEDAIRE 30E724             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,1/4,Brass/Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E710             Coupler Body,(M)NPT,1/4,Brass
SPEEDAIRE 3FFZ8              Connector,DIN Type B,Plug Lead
SPEEDAIRE 30E727             Coupler Body,Hose Barb,1/4,Brass/Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E739             Coupler Plug,Hose Barb,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E653             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,1/4,Zinc Pltd Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E682             Coupler Body,(F)NPT,3/8,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 4ZK36              Clamp,Speed
SPEEDAIRE 30E658             Coupler Plug,(M)NPT,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E673             Coupler Plug,Hose Barb,1/2,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E690             Coupler Body,(M)NPT,1/2,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 1EJU2              Speed Control Muffler,1/8 NPT,1/2 Hex
SPEEDAIRE 4ZM07              Air Regulator,1/8 In. NPT,14 cfm,300 psi
SPEEDAIRE 30E697             Coupler Body,Hose Barb,1/4,Steel
SPEEDAIRE 30E642             Hose Barb,1/4 In Barb,1/4 In FNPT,Alum
SPEEDAIRE 30E641             Hose Barb,1/4 In Barb,1/4 In MNPT,Alum
SPEEDAIRE 4ZL51              Compressed Air Filter,250 psi,3.15 In. W
SPEEDAIRE 29JP43             Collet