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We can offer you very compititive prices for all the products by CONDOR. All the products are being shipped directly from USA to your address. Certificate of origin issued by the brand's owner ( Grainger ) will be attached to each shipment.


We have 3465 CONDOR products listed in our website as you can see here:


To search for a specific part number, please use the search icon on right top corner as you can see here:



The best way is to use one word only like the part number ( for example: 1EJT5 , 1EJT6, 1EJT7, 1EJT8, 1EJT9 , 1EJU1, ....etc. ).

For any reason, if you think our price is not competitive or you can not find the product you need, please contact us by email. Our email is sales@dcc-hk.com .




We can supply you all these products with very competitive prices:

CONDOR 6AH35              Knit Glove,7 Gauge,Poly,L,PR
CONDOR 5AJ39              Leather Gloves,Safety Cuff,XL,PR
CONDOR 3ZL55              Lightweight Glove,Poly/Cottn,L,PR
CONDOR 2UTZ2              Lightweight Knit Glove,Poly/Cotton,L,PR
CONDOR 3AD76              Canvas Gloves,Cotton, L,Natural,PR
CONDOR 1U177              Lockout Hasp,Snap-On,6 Lock,Red
CONDOR 4JF62              Standard Wght Knit Glove,Poly/Cotton,PR
CONDOR 3ZL53              Leather Gloves,Patch Palm,L,PR
CONDOR 2RA15              Canvas Gloves,Cotton, L,Hi Vis Orng,PR
CONDOR 3BE76              Sideshield,Clr,Plastic,PR
CONDOR 4EY97              Safety Glasses,Clear,Uncoated
CONDOR 2MDA8              Leather Gloves,Single Palm,2XL,PR
CONDOR 1FYX8              Safety Glasses,Gray,Scratch-Resistant
CONDOR 5JK50              Knit Dotted Glove,Poly/Cotton,L,PR
CONDOR 2UTZ7              Knit Glove,Cotton,L,PR
CONDOR 3BA38              Coated Gloves,L,Natural/Rust,PR
CONDOR 1FYX7              Safety Glasses,Clear,Antifog
CONDOR 5JH02              Leather Gloves,Safety Cuff,L,PR
CONDOR 4VCL4              Safety Glasses,Gray,Antifog
CONDOR 4T497              Summer Liners,White,Cotton/Poly,PR
CONDOR 4JD55              Bakers Pad,White,Terry Cloth
CONDOR 3BU46              Bib Apron,Green,50 In. L
CONDOR 5PE81              Drivers Gloves,Split Leather,Gray,S,PR
CONDOR 3BA57              Mechanics Gloves,Black,L,PR
CONDOR 1VT69              Chemical Splash/Impact Resistant Goggles
CONDOR 5AJ37              Leather Gloves,Patch Palm,XL,PR
CONDOR 5AL29              Slip-On Sideshield,Clr,L,PK10
CONDOR 2RA13              Glove,Cotton, S,Hi Vis Lime Grn,PR
CONDOR 1FYX6              Safety Glasses,Clear,Scratch-Resistant
CONDOR 19L483             Coated Gloves,L,Black/Black,PR
CONDOR 19L482             Coated Gloves,XL,Black/Black,PR
CONDOR 5JE25              Safety Glasses,Gray,Scratch-Resistant
CONDOR 3BB62              Winter Liner,Blue,Unvrsl
CONDOR 2CJH7              Lockout Hasp,Snap-On,6 Lock,Red
CONDOR 4EZC2              Ratchet Faceshield Assembly,9x15-1/2
CONDOR 2MDA9              Leather Gloves,Patch Palm,2XL,PR
CONDOR 4BC20              Cut Resistant Sleeve, 10 In.
CONDOR 4VCH2              Safety Glasses,Gray,Antifog
CONDOR 5PE82              Drivers Gloves,Split Leather,Gray,M,PR
CONDOR 5AC74              Leather Drivers Gloves,Pigskin,L,PR
CONDOR 1EJY3              Rain Poncho w/Hood,Ylw,Universal
CONDOR 5T591              Lockout Hasp,Snap-On,6 Lock,Red
CONDOR 30LU77             Glove Clip with Dual Clips,6-13/32inL,PR
CONDOR 3ZL49              Leather Drivers Gloves,Cowhide,XL,PR
CONDOR 5AM96              3 Piece Rainsuit w/Detachable Hood,Ylw,L
CONDOR 5AH26              Cut Resistant Sleeve, 24 In.
CONDOR 3BA54              Coated Gloves,L,Gray/White,PR
CONDOR 20GZ57             Coated Gloves,Nitrile,L,Bl/Wht,PR
CONDOR 6AP02              Raincoat with Detachable Hood,Yellow,S
CONDOR 23Z355             Vented Bump Cap,Baseball Style,Black