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We can offer you very compititive prices for all the products by WESTWARD. All the products are being shipped directly from USA to your address. Certificate of origin issued by the brand's owner ( Grainger ) will be attached to each shipment.


We have 14326 WESTWARD products listed in our website as you can see here:


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The best way is to use one word only like the part number ( for example: 1EJT5 , 1EJT6, 1EJT7, 1EJT8, 1EJT9 , 1EJU1, ....etc. ).

For any reason, if you think our price is not competitive or you can not find the product you need, please contact us by email. Our email is sales@dcc-hk.com .


We can supply you all these products with very cometitive prices:

WESTWARD 5A317              Spring Clamp,1 In,4 In Length
WESTWARD 20YD41             Welding Electrode,E7018,1/8 in.D,1lb
WESTWARD 4EDH5              Drive Arbor w/Thread Shaft,1/2 In AH
WESTWARD 1VTX6              Magnetic Pickup,3 1/2 Lb Pull,5 1/4 In L
WESTWARD 4MHA3              Angled Chisel,B1/Cleco,0.500 In.,7 In.
WESTWARD 4CN91              Spring Clamp,1 In,4 In Length
WESTWARD 4YP39              Poultry Shear,Right Hand,9 In. L
WESTWARD 1UKL2              Diagonal Cutters,6 In.
WESTWARD 4YP28              Painters Tool,6-In-1
WESTWARD 6AHA4              Industrial Flashlight,Incandescent,D
WESTWARD 30RZ38             Portable Tool Box,Polypropylene,14 In. W
WESTWARD 1NYD2              Adjustable Wrench Set,Cushion Grip,3 PC
WESTWARD 4YP37              Multi-purpose Shear,7 1/2 OAL,1 5/8 Cut
WESTWARD 32PJ36             Tool Bag,14 in.,21 Pockets,Polyester
WESTWARD 5PWF3              Valve Wheel Wrench,F Type,12 In
WESTWARD 5ZL18              Air Impact Wrench,3/8 In. Dr.,10,000 rpm
WESTWARD 5MV39              Socket,1/2 In Dr,3/8 In,6 Pt,Std
WESTWARD 6ZFD6              Depressed Center Wheel,T27,7x1/8x7/8,AO
WESTWARD 5PWF4              Valve Wheel Wrench,F Type,17-3/8 In
WESTWARD 2XTH1              Inspection Light,2 AAA Batteries,LED
WESTWARD 26W885             Cloth Disc,2In,Medium Grit,TR,EA1
WESTWARD 4UL79              Jobber Drill Bit,HSS,Black Oxide,#9
WESTWARD 4MHF3              Needle Set,0.125 In.,7 In.
WESTWARD 1CLJ2              Slotted Screwdriver,1/4,OAL 10.5 In,Hex
WESTWARD 2UFD9              Jobber Drill Bit,HSS,Black Oxide,1/32 In
WESTWARD 40L969             Conical Anchor Kit,#10-12
WESTWARD 1CLP2              Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set,6-In-1,7 1/2 L
WESTWARD 4WZX9              Tool Bit,HSS,1/2 In,4
WESTWARD 4YP40              Poultry Shear,RH,Blue,8 In. L
WESTWARD 5MZL9              Universal Organizer
WESTWARD 4MHD7              Flat Rivet Chisel,0.401 In.,6-1/2 In.
WESTWARD 4MGX9              Spring Retainer,0.401 In. Shank
WESTWARD 6PRT8              Parabolic Jobber Drill Bit,HSS,TiN,#40
WESTWARD 6ZFH0              Cutoff Wheel,A60T,4-1/2in.x1/8in.x7/8in.
WESTWARD 13J321             Caulk Gun, Ratchet, Blue, 10.3 oz.
WESTWARD 4MRX1              Magnetic Torpedo Level,9 In,3 Vials
WESTWARD 4X072              Hose To Pipe Adapter,Double Male
WESTWARD 2CYC7              Ball End Hex Key St,0.05-3/8 In,1.5-10mm
WESTWARD 30RZ37             Portable Tool Box,Polypropylene,17 In. W
WESTWARD 1CLF8              Combination Screwdriver Set,12 PC
WESTWARD 5PWE5              Valve Wheel Wrench,Double-End,8 In
WESTWARD 4YR61              Mallet,Rubber,1 Lb,Steel/Rubber
WESTWARD 2UFA8              Jobber Drill Bit,HSS,Black Oxide,5/16 In
WESTWARD 5MZH5              Knee Pads,Swivel,Polyethylene,1 Sz,PR
WESTWARD 1YNA8              Wire Rope Cutter,8 In L,1/4 In Cap
WESTWARD 45R865             Needle,3mm
WESTWARD 10L250             Cutoff Whl,A60T,4-1/2in.x1/16in.x7/8in.
WESTWARD 22XP80             Safety Utility Knife,5-3/4 In,Blue/Black
WESTWARD 1GBL7              Crimped Wire Wheel,3 In Dia,0.0118 Wire
WESTWARD 32H883             Rolling Cabinet,26-11/16 In,5 Drawer,Red