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We can offer you very compititive prices for all the products by DAYTON. All the products are being shipped directly from USA to your address. Certificate of origin issued by the brand's owner ( Grainger ) will be attached to each shipment.


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For any reason, if you think our price is not competitive or you can not find the product you need, please contact us by email. Our email is sales@dcc-hk.com .


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DAYTON 4YD87              Fan Guard,Fan Size 4-11/16In
DAYTON 4M069              C-Frame Motor,Sleeve,Shaded Pole,1 In. L
DAYTON 2MDV4              Motor Run Capacitor,5 MFD,2-3/4 In. H
DAYTON 4M068              C-Frame Motor,Shaded Pole,Sleeve,1 In. L
DAYTON 2VKJ1              Wire Rope Clip,3/16 In,Maleable Iron
DAYTON 2W435              Filter,Dry,Cartridge Filter,Paper,6-1/2"
DAYTON 2X570              Shaft Collar,Set Screw,1Pc,3/4 In,St,PK3
DAYTON 3M095              AC Gearmotor,1.1 rpm,Open,115V
DAYTON 1RWB4              Air Circulator,30 In,7250 cfm,115V
DAYTON 3M099              AC Gearmotor,18 rpm,Open,115V
DAYTON 5X852              Relay Socket,Standard,Octal,8 Pin,15A
DAYTON 23AU87             O-Ring,1/4 In Unc Hex Head Bolt
DAYTON 2VKH9              Wire Rope Clip,1/8 In,Maleable Iron
DAYTON 4YD91              Fan Guard,Fan Size 6-3/4In
DAYTON 4WT47              Axial Fan,115VAC,4-11/16In H,4-11/16In W
DAYTON 4WT46              Axial Fan,115VAC,4-11/16In H,4-11/16In W
DAYTON 4WT33              Axial Fan,230VAC,4-11/16In H,4-11/16In W
DAYTON 2MDV7              Motor Run Capacitor,10 MFD,3-5/8 In. H
DAYTON 6X156              Relay Socket,Standard,Octal,11 Pin,15A
DAYTON 4Z527              DC Speed Control,90/180VDC,2A,NEMA 1
DAYTON 3BY46              Piston Drum Pump,Polypropylene,5/8In OD
DAYTON 1C210              Fan Shutter,42 1/2 In
DAYTON 6KD74              Axial Fan,24VDC,4-11/16In H,4-11/16In W
DAYTON 1ZCP6              Mounting Bracket,Steel
DAYTON 2MEW5              Capacitor Mtg Bracket,2 3/4 In L,PK5
DAYTON 1ZEL3              Mini Ball Bearing,Flanged,Bore 0.2500 In
DAYTON 4YD78              Fan Filt Guard Assemb,Fan Size 4-11/16In
DAYTON 1A189              Counter,Hand Activated
DAYTON 2C647              Blower,134 cfm,115V,0.74A,1500 rpm
DAYTON 4YD96              Fan Guard,Fan Size 3-1/8In
DAYTON 2LY91              Air Circulator,16 In,2450 cfm,115V
DAYTON 1UG85              Filter Bag,2-Ply,15 to 22 gal.,PK5
DAYTON 1DLD8              Wire Rope Sleeve,1/8 In,Aluminum,PK25
DAYTON 1F504              Shaft Collar,Set Screw,1/2 In,Plastic
DAYTON 1VCF4              Air Circulator,30 In,9612 cfm,115V
DAYTON 2C646              Blower,176 cfm,12VDCV,5.1A,1875 rpm
DAYTON 4Z827              DC Speed Control,90/180VDC,2A
DAYTON 5A724              Buffing Wheel,Spiral Sewn,6 In Dia.
DAYTON 6FHX5              Blower,140 cfm,115V,1.16/1.02A,3020 rpm
DAYTON 10E075             Relay Socket,Standard,Square,8 Pin
DAYTON 2MEV1              Mounting Kit For Run Capacitors
DAYTON 4HA28              Piston Drum Pump,Polyethylene,1In OD
DAYTON 4YD86              Fan Filt Guard Assemb,Fan Size 4-11/16In
DAYTON 1F144              Stabilizing Jack,Spin Top,100000Lb
DAYTON 2MDV6              Motor Run Capacitor,7.5 MFD,3-3/8 In. H
DAYTON 1DKJ3              Sleeve and Thimble Kit,F/ 1DMU9, 1DMV1
DAYTON 4C459              Blade,Fan,12 In
DAYTON 2X530              Pillow Block Bearing,3/4 In. Bore
DAYTON 5ZK64              Heater,Wall/Ceiling Mt,120V,St Steel
DAYTON 1DLD7              Wire Rope Sleeve,1/16 In,Aluminum,PK25