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On the N95 m2ask

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) said Thursday that there are sufficient stocks of N95 masks to meet national needs and that there was no need to stockpile.


Large retail and pharmacy chains will have the masks available for purchase by Thursday evening, said the ministry.

The government currently has 9 million N95 masks in stock, and there are plans to purchase more.

At the first of the daily press briefings on the haze in Singapore, chaired by officials from MOH and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, reporters were told that the 24-hour PSI for Friday is expected to be in the “very unhealthy” band of 201-300.

Persons with chronic medical conditions, especially lung or heart disease, are advised to avoid all outdoor activity. Pregnant women, children, and the elderly should also do likewise.

A special scheme by MOH will be implemented on Friday at polyclinics and designated GP clinics for the young and elderly suffering from respiratory problems and conjunctivitis because of the haze.

MOH will subsidise S$30 per visit at designated GP clinics while Singaporeans will pay no more than S$10 at polyclinics.

The government has also set up an emergency information portal for latest haze updates.

In addition, the National Environment Agency will be providing 24-Hour PSI readings hourly instead of just at 8am, 4pm and 12pm. This is because the agency’s health advisories are based on the 24-hour measurement, which is a better reflection of the total exposure of an individual to particular matter levels.

Hospitals will also be making extra efforts to ensure the safety of patients vulnerable to the haze, said Professor K Saktu, Director of Medical Services at MOH.

He said: “Patients who have got respiratory or cardiac problems, one of the issues they must deal with is to move the patients to an area that is not near the window where any changes in the exterior will be immediately reflected. Even if they get exposed to the haze, there is medical treatment available.”

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Alethea’s opinion: The total population in Singapore was last recorded at 5.3 million people in 2012. It is probably 5.5 million and up now, not including foreigners here on the S pass etc. How is 9 million N95 mask suffcient in a time of need with a country of 5.3 mil and up. These are disposable masks…


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