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Water Softener Max Grain Capacity 30 200 NORTH STAR NSC30UD

Water Softener Max Grain Capacity 30 200
Manufacture: NORTH STAR
Manufacturer PN: NSC30UD
Weight: 82.600
Stock No: 1RWB6
Hazmat: N
Price: $ 1021.7
World Wide

Water Softener Demand Initiated Regeneration Service Flow Rate (GPM) 8 30 200 Max Grain Capacity Salt Storage Capacity (Lb.) 200 Pipe Size (In.) 1 Height (In.) 49 Width (In.) 18 Depth (In.) 18 Full Flow Bypass Valve Meter Range (GPM) 0-100 Tank Type Cabinet Fiberglass Resin Tank Material Counter Current Regeneration Distributor Type Days Between Regeneration On DemandCompliance Certified For Use In Potable Water Applications

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